In this program -

Traveler – Mike Gallagher
Let It Out – Black Prairie

Tears – Frankie Knuckles

Something’s Got To Give – Bumpus
Walk Away – Howard And The White Boys
The Seer – John Ball Lightning

Been Caught Stealin’ – Jane’s Addiction
D’s Blues – Bobby Broom

Flying Dreams – Birds Of Chicago
So It’s Like That – The Rumble Tone Blues Band

Welcome to Bittersweet Records Co. the hippest little spot on the web.  If ya cruised in here from MySpace or YouTube, Twitter, Reverb Nation, Soundcloud or Facebook, or from wherever…we’re glad you’re with us!  It’s why we put the place up!  There’s no buzz-graphics or any other kind of BS to pull your attention away from the vibes we’re layin’ down.  Great music doesn’t need anything like that to help it along.

This stuff isn’t produced for fads. It’s not kid stuff.  Not that we don’t value all you youngers out there…WE DO!  YEP, WE DO – BUT…the Artists featured here, in our play list and our roster, compose and produce in the best tradition of what Rock is all about…not what it became.

This music is hand picked by us because it’s what we like to listen to and it’s a good vibe for the sphere.

So keep an open mind Young America!  As for the rest of our fans, hey, sit back, relax, have a cold something…and then just dig it.   We know you will.  We want to shout out to all of our friends around the world and our new friends in China who come here just to listen to the Bittersweet Records Radio Hour.

Since our inception on the web, we told you, we’re gonna roll these acts up…there’s plenty more on the way…and we’re gonna let you hear what it’s all about jam-babies.

Ya see…because you can’t hear it on the radio anymore…and you won’t hear it comin’ from the major labels because they think we’re not worth producing for anymore, as well as, lost any sense of direction…and 99.9% of the Indy Market?…it’s not too hot either.

We know you can Dig It…right?

Bittersweet Staff