Niles East Concert Choir 1967 Concert

Niles East Concert Choir 1968 Concert

Niles East Concert Choir 1969 Concert


There was a well founded tradition at a high school in Skokie, Illinois. The Niles East Concert Choir along with all the other chorus’ were part of a music department that prided itself on a professionalism led by the dedicated teachers in that part of the school’s curriculum. Every year, during two different concert events scheduled for every Christmas Season and Spring Season, the teachers aided by sound crew used the stage to record the  various chorus classes. The stage had three microphones suspended above an evenly distributed length across a classic proscenium stage-line.

Some of these recordings survive. Theses particular iterations are from the ’67-’68, ’68-’69 and ’69-’70 Concert Seasons.

The choir is led by Mr. Earl Auge. Soprano Soloists in the various selections are Shelley Rubin and Sue Ann Gershenson. Some of the voices here for display are gone from this earth. However, so long as there is a Bittersweet Records Co. There shall be a growing collection of these recordings featured in various iterations of the years where recordings still survive spread through the record collections of the survivors from this great school, which, as long as we survive shall be preserved.

We are proud to carry this tradition on, even if just a retrospective is all that we have.

There will be more recordings added as the time permits. There are several sides being scheduled for reproductions.

Special thanks is due, to Ms. Robin Harris for providing the initial set of recordings scheduled for re-engineering.

Scott Pollack – Co-Founder Bittersweet Records Co.