Selections from the EP – Songs From Rogers Park also some from the band Dr. 8

The play list right now includes the rehearsal recordings for Street’s first EP release. These are all in the process of being re-recorded. The full album “Songs from Rogers Park” is due out at sometime during this year. Plus we just added Street’s recent interview on WNUR and song debut of The Cold Of The Winter to the song cue.


The acoustic guitar solo performance is the bedrock of all modern music, especially rock and the blues. Most writers start with a sketch written while playing this instrument. The Street’s musical performances whether in recordings or live solo appearances, are developed first on an acoustic guitar, sometimes piano, or an Ensoniq VFX-SD. They’re used later where applicable in the concert band Dr. 8.

Street’s verve for finding twists and turns in the songs he writes tends to separate him from many. There’s always something that will give surprise and discovery to the listener. His ballads especially, invoke sweetness of melodic line and lyrics fit with a certain, distinct honey-like prose. The music he finds from fellow players included in his sets fit the same mold. When you hear these compositions, he finds a way to keep you suspended in time. It’s a gift. He doesn’t try to write a “hit” per se, he finds something he wants to express intimately to his audinece, either from an inspiration or something he’s intended to look for and then decides whether it’s worth saying. Lots of times his ascetic critique of his own work will just toss the tune into the “circular file” never to see the light of day.

You’ll find many influences can be slightly detected. No musician worth their salt would not admit to being influenced by those before them. Yet, he’ll find a way to make it his statement and one worth paying attention to. He’ll look for a nuance that can be used effectively for dramatic emphasis on the fretboard and in his vocal delivery. Dynamics is something he uses well.

After many years of knowing him, I can safely say he’s thrown out many more ideas than he has ever committed to a recording.

As a singer? He’s got that thing. Some like to call that thing, “it”. Street’s voice is his own. Clear and true like a soft trumpet at midnight under a full moon.

- Sidler