Vibes are mysterious things. It’s strange how they work. When you vibrate the air in a violent manner, it tends to resonate out into the world in an uncontrolled melee and corrupts the conscience of souls near it.

Musical messages from my performance are stories part social, part love, part political, and always aimed at raising folks to their best nature.

I look for songs from great writers, as well as, try to contribute my own all of which I use to construct my performance sets. My guitar work follows the inspirations I received from watching the late great giants of guitar and the solo performance set, Howard Berkman (founder of the proto punk rock band: The Knaves) and Isaac Guillory (former bass player for the Chicago Band: The Cryin’ Shames). May they rest in peace. I am eternally grateful for having been exposed to their genius playing and stage work. Other players have contributed to my palette but none so great as these two giants of the solo acoustic guitar performance.

All of my work, either onstage or in the recording studio is, as the Mama and Papa’s great pop tune describes, “Dedicated To The One I Love”, Kristine. If not for her I wouldn’t sing another note. She’s the reason I sing and play.

- Street